Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday to our sweet Logan!

Nine years ago today I became a mother for the first time with the birth of my precious Logan.  Little did I know that day that I would only spend 6 years, nine months with her on this earth.  I'm praising God today that because of what His Son did for us on the cross, I know I will get to be with her in eternity. Oh, how we miss her, everything about her, from her amazing smile, contagious giggle, and love for Jesus and life.  It's hard to imagine her as a nine year old.  I often look at her friends that are now nine and just imagine her like they are now.  Tori is now the same age Logan was when she went to heaven.  They definitely have similarities, yet so many differences.  Sometimes I try to picture the two of them playing together, giggling away as they dance around the house.  Brae is now 4, so the two of them are the age of Logan and Tori at the time of Logan's home going.  Watching Tori and Brae play now is like watching Tori and Logan play just in reverse time (hope that makes sense).  

It's so cute how Brae and Tori think of Logan's birthday.  Tori asked me the other day, "Mommy, how old is Logan?"  I said, "Well she would be 8."  and she replied, "oh, ok, so she will be nine on her birthday."  as if she is continuing to age in heaven.  For now we don't need to clarify all of that for her.  Then when discussing what we should do as a family for Logan's birthday, Tori said, "Why don't we let Logan decide what she wants to do, since it's her birthday?"  I replied, "that would be nice, but Logan can't tell us what she wants to do, but really I'm pretty sure she has all she wants being with Jesus."  Tori or Brae then said, "Yup, that's all she has with her for her party, Jesus, Papou (her grandfather), and baby Reese (our friends precious girl in heaven too) with her for her birthday.  I then reminded them that there are lots of other people in heaven that most likely will be with her too!  Oh, to have that child like view!

I've probably said this before, but it's weird to think we will just always remember her as our little Logan at six years of age.  Tori will be 7 in August and eventually, Lord willing, we will get passed that age with Brae.  Life will go on, yet our memories of our precious blessing of six years with her will always be there.  Today we are just relaxing at home for the day and then we will go to one of Logan's favorite restaurants to celebrate her birthday and the blessing she was and is in our life.  She love Panda Express and Soup Plantation, so we choose Soup Plantation.  I know it's nothing glamorous, but it was definitely one of her favs!     

We love you and miss you sweetie, yet long for the day we can be reunited with our you and our Savior!  Happy Birthday!

Friday, June 5, 2009

A Mother's Day tradition started!

We had a wonderful relaxing Mother's day this year.  We carried on a tradition that Daniel's family always did growing up.  After church, we got KFC and had a picnic at the park.  I think it will now be a tradition for our family as well.  I know restaurants are nice and all, but it was such a beautiful day and so fun to be outside.  Plus we could eat and then the kiddos went straight to the playground while I relaxed and read the Sunday paper.  It was special to have Yiayia with us.  Below are a few pics to document our great day!  

Cubbie and Awana Graduation

Another year of Awana has quickly gone by!  It's amazing how fast my munchkins are growing up.  Awana is a Wednesday night program at our church where the kids play games, have a bible story, have snacks and memorize verses.  It's such a great program and we are so thankful our girls can be hiding God's Word in their hearts and having fun all at the same time.  Braelyn finished her first year of Cubbies and Tori finished her second year of Sparks!   Good job girlies, we are so proud of you!

Braelyn is beside herself with excitement!

Tori with her 2nd book award

Kate Penberthy and Braelyn showing off their awards

Dan's 34th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad!  You are the best!
Braelyn and I
Mother and Son

We love crazy faces!

We had a great time celebrating my husband's 34th birthday on April 30th, with a nice dinner at Wood Ranch BBQ.  My mom n' law was in town to celebrate with us, which was a special treat.  We are so thankful for an amazing husband and dad who loves us, leads us, and works so hard to provide for us!  We are truly blessed!  Here's to 34 plus more baby!  

Monday, May 18, 2009

Resurrection Sunday at the Labat's

It's becoming a tradition for our family to spend Easter lunch with the Labat family.  We have known them for 6 years now and we are so thankful for them.  My girls adore Lauren and whenever they see her they are ready to play!  We had a great time this year eating yummy food and playing some fun games.  Thanks Labats!  We love you guys! 
Brae and maybe her 6th chocolate covered strawberry!
My family!
The girls on their scooters!
Most of the gang!
Lauren,Brae and Tori

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our 5th Annual Neighborhood and Friends Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter, our faithful neighbor Donna held our annual egg hunt at the park down the street.  It's a highlight for our kids every year!  

Brae, Abby and Ashlyn

All the little hunters!
Kaylee and Tori
Little ones got to go first!
Ellie Sue and Dayton Richard
Checkin' out all their goodies!
A parent pic.  We always have pics of the kids, we needed one of the parents!
The Quincy St. Dads.... John, Dan and Bryan!

A quick visit with Colleen!

In April I had a chance to see Colleen for a few hours.  She was down on the central coast visiting her family, so we met half way in Santa Barbara.  It was a really quick visit and between our 5 children we had many interruptions, but it was so worth it!  Colleen is such a great friend, and even though we can go quite awhile between seeing each other, we always pick us where we left off!  We hung by the beach for a few hours and then had a quick lunch at Chipotle on State street.  It was so fun to watch our kiddos interact and have blast together.  Even though it was quick, I always cherish my times with Colleen!   
It was a bit chilly, but they of course didn't care!
Brae and Harper sharing a snack!
Running from the waves and really cold water!
We loved this pic with our kiddos playing in the background.
We love Chipotle!